South Eastern Toyota Finance fails to provide adequate customer services

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Last year, I financed a Toyota through South Eastern Toyota Finance.I have financed cars through Honda and Toyota in the past and assumed this company would offer comparable service.

However, my customer experience has been a nightmare from the beginning. I originally signed up for automatic bill draft from my checking account but was told to continue making payments on my own until I received a letter stating that my automatic payments had been set up. I was continually told by customer service to continue paying my bill as they had no record my enrollment completion. One particular month I paid my bill and they also drafted a bill payment, overdrawing my bank account.

Mind you I had been instructed to make this payment because they said my enrollment in bank draft was not complete. When I called to reconcile the matter, I was told there was no possible way to return the duplicate payment, even if the error was on their end! I was forced to take up the matter with my bank which charged me a fee for a check reversal. I was so irritated with South Eastern Toyota Finance for giving me inadequate instruction, costing me a bank fee and being completely unapologetic about the matter, that I unrolled in the bank draft program and opted to submit the monthly bill payment myself.

South Eastern Toyota Finance subsequently blocked me from electronic check bill pay options for 13 months citing my "returned check". This month I needed to make a payment in this manner (from an account that did not have a debit card associated with it). I was told that I could not use online bill pay for this option because of the block, but they could process it over the phone for $15! Essentially, when South Eastern Toyota Finance makes a mistake, the customer should be penalized and have their account services restricted.

The only response I ever get from this company when I need customer service is "NO". They are the "NO" people. No, they cannot remove a block, or wave a fee, or answer any of my questions with certainty. And their online services are not as extensive as those I enjoyed with Honda or Volkswagen.

I would not recommend this company, nor would I use them to finance another vehicle.South Eastern Toyota Finance and their parent company, World Omni Bank, make Toyota look bad by taking the joy out of purchasing a new car.

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